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Christina Rossetti is one of the great Victorian poets. Best known for her poems 'Goblin Market' and 'In the bleak midwinter', she is also the author of a wide range of other poems, nursery rhymes, short stories, and devotional prose, the best of which is selected here.
This is the fullest one-volume edition of Rossetti's writings, in which published and unpublished poems are brought together in one chronological sequence in order to show Rossetti's poetic development.
Includes the fullest selection of Rossetti's devotional prose alongside four complete short stories, including 'Maude'.
Contains the fullest and most helpful annotation of any edition.
Introduction places Rossetti in her historical and literary contexts, discusses the main critical approaches to her work, and its religious influences.
Includes facsimile frontispiece and title-page to 'Goblin Market' 'The mystery of Life, the mystery Of Death, I see Darkly as in a glass...' Christina Rossetti (1830-94) is perhaps the most contradictory of the great Victorian poets. She writes of the world's beauty, but fears that it may be deceptive, even deadly. She is a religious poet, but much of her work is driven by uncertainty. Her poems are restrained, even secretive, but they seek nothing less than the mystery of Life and Death.

This edition contains Rossetti's strongest and most distinctive work: poetry (including 'Goblin Market', 'The Prince's Progress', and the sonnet sequence 'Monna Innominata'), stories (including the complete text of Maude), devotional prose (with nearly fifty entries from the 'reading diary' Times Flies), and personal letters. Those poems which Rossetti published, and those which she withheld from publication, are here brought together in chronological order, allowing the reader to observe her poetic trajectory. This edition also records the major revisions made by Rossetti when preparing her poems for publication. It brings together the fullest range of Rossetti's poetry and prose in one volume, and is an indispensable introduction to this entrancing writer.

Readership: Poetry lovers, readers of Victorian literature, women's writing, religious and devotional writing, students of nineteenth-century English literature.

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Christina Rossetti

Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) est une poétesse anglaise. Mystique et mélancolique, surprenante et avant-gardiste, elle est l'autrice d'une œuvre remarquable.